Description of Practice Areas

The firm provides representation in trials and appeals in State and Federal courts and administrative agencies, in matters relating to business and corporate law, contract disputes, collections and foreclosures, banking, consumer protection, construction, real estate, environmental law, zoning, land use, appeals, code enforcement disputes, and a wide range of other commercial matters.

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Environmental Law
Environmental Litigation
Environmental Consulting
Business Litigation
Construction Litigation
Real Estate Litigation

6741 Orange Drive
Davie, Florida 33314
Ph: (954) 965-8350
Fax: (954) 241-6963

Stephen R. Verbit, P.A.
Fort Lauderdale - Miami - Pembroke Pines - West Palm Beach
6741 Orange Drive
Davie, Florida 33314
Telephone: (954) 965-8350
Fax: (954) 241-6963

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